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  • Caratube Oil Company and its Majority Shareholder Devincci ...Read More
  • Power Distributor EVN Commences Arbitration Proceedings against ...Read More
  • Stays of enforcement not automatic at ICSID - News - Arbitration ...Read More
  • Caratube Oil Company and its Majority Shareholder Devincci ...Read More
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  • An ICSID first: claimant allowed to seek enforcement of arbitral ...Read More


ICSID = International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes, a component of the World Bank Group, it administers arbitrations pursuant to the 1966 Convention on the Settlement of Investment Disputes and Nationals of other States (also known as the Washington Convention or ICSID Convention) and other legal frameworks such as:

ICSID Lawyers is a specialized international investment arbitration law firm representing foreign investors whose investments have been illegally mistreated by a Government party (State, Sovereign, Agency, etc.) before tribunals constituted under various legal frameworks and advancing relevant causes of action such as:

  • Fair and Equitable Treatment (FET)
  • National Treatment (NT)
  • Most Favoured Nation (MFN)
  • Direct and/or Indirect Expropriation without Compensation
  • Full Protection and Security (FPS)
  • Arbitrary and Discriminatory Measures
  • Interference with Transfer of Investment Related Funds
  • Umbrella Clauses

ICSID Lawyers offers free & strictly confidential claim assessments. If we determine your claim is meritorious, various legal fee payment types are possible, including contingency fee agreement (where we find funding on your behalf to advance your claim).

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International Arbitration News

27 Jun, 2013
Caratube Oil Company and its Majority Shareholder Devincci ...

WSAV-TV Savannah Georgia: Breaking News, Weather, Sports,and Lifestyle Read More

27 Jun, 2013
Power Distributor EVN Commences Arbitration Proceedings against ...

Power distributor EVN AG has has initiated international arbitration ... of Investment Disputes (ICSID), which forms part of the World Bank group. Read More

26 Jun, 2013
Stays of enforcement not automatic at ICSID - News - Arbitration ...

In a break with previous practice at ICSID, two ad hoc committees in recent months have refused to grant a stay of enforcement of an award pending the outcome Read More

Reseacrh map instructions

ICSID Lawyers proudly hosts the International Investment Arbitration Research Map System ('Research Map').

The Research Map is very easy and intuitive to use. Simply place your mouse cursor over either the relevant text or geographical boundary of the jurisdiction you would like to research. Once hover-activated by your mouse cursor, the relevant jurisdiction becomes clickable. Simply click on your desired jurisdiction to access the resources (i.e. treaties, commentaries, guidelines, etc.) of your selected jurisdiction.  

The Research Map operates on three (3) distinct levels of available resources (i.e. international, regional/continental, national). For example, on the initial international level, you can either access international level law resources, or you can click on a continent/region to access that region's regional/continental legal resources or to access that region or continent's national legal resources. For example, if you want to access the North American Free Trade Agreement, hover over the text or geographical boundary of North America, then click the activated text or area, then the North American map will appear. At this point you can click "North America" to access the North American Free Trade Agreement. you could also click on the text or geographical boundary of for example, Mexico, and access Mexican international legal resources.

ICSID Lawyers welcomes all users to submit updates, additional resources for inclusion, revisions, etc. to make the Research System as accurate and useful as possible. Please forward all such feedback to [email protected] or use the Research Map Feedback system to the right. Together we can keep the Research Map the best free international investment arbitration research tool in the world.

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