ICSID Lawyers is proud to host the International Arbitration Search Engine powered by Google. This search engine enables you to get even more relevant search results than is possible with the regular Google search engine, as only international arbitration results are possible.

For example, have you ever entered "ICSID" as a search term hoping to be directed to the website of the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes and got a result for "The International Council of Societies of Industrial Design" a non-profit organisation that protects and promotes the interests of the profession of industrial design. Our Search Engine eliminates such results and guarantees you only the most relevant international arbitration only search results.

Google is a fantastic search engine, but Google is designed to be a search engine for everyone, whereas our custom International Arbitration search engine powered by Google is designed specifically for international arbitration and therefore can provide more relevant international arbitration search engine results than Google ever can.

Our International Arbitration Search Engine provides all the benefits of Google search engine technology but only provides international arbitration results. You are welcome to see the difference yourself, use "ICSID" as a search term at google.com and enter "ICSID" as a search term using our International Arbitration Search Engine and see the difference for yourself.